Acufa Sharp have many years of experience in timber related products. We probably have the only wood turning lathe capable of producing solid, one piece Columns up to eighty centimeters in diameter and four metes long. Spiral and fluted finish, after the Greek style, are a specialty.
New from Acufa Sharp are a range of natural outdoor Columns.  Made of solid Birch or Larch straight from the Mazurian forests, these Columns come in various styles and heights. For garden or terrace use only, time will weather them into the natural charm of Olde English seasoning, producing a rough, rustic surface from the natural drying process. The charm of these Columns are their natural beauty which can be further enhanced with the use of clear varnish to reveal the hues and colors of the wood. For the discerning, the Columns can be color impregnated to order. The uses of such Columns are only limited by your imagination. 

Internal Columns are produced to a different, higher standard due  to the very exacting requirements necessary because of rapid drying effects of modern central heating systems installed in many homes. For example, the timber of the Elm tree, although very beautiful with its wild and exciting grain and colors of vivid reds, greens and yellows is notoriously fickle. It requires careful treatment throughout the process of manufacture. Columns successfully installed become center-pieces to any large room, especially if complemented by a circular staircase. 

A recent innovation is the corner Column which can either be a wrap round or inverted unit. The wrap around Units are used to hide any ugly corners protruding into a room whilst the inverted corner units fits neatly into natural recess'.

Columns are constructed to be mounted on either an octagonal or square base  unit, these geometric figures being the most harmonic of all shapes. The inspiration comes from the influence of the ancient Chinese science of Feng-Shui, the art of space arrangement in homes and gardens. Not only does the flowing grain structure of the timber give delight to the eye but also the shape of the base send out positive vibrational influences within the home.