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Timber is a living thing. Man has used it from the dawn of time and will continue to use it as long as he lives.

Contrary to some belief, Forests are sustainable and non more than in Poland where the quality of the Forests are kept in prime condition. 

Forestry is an Industry. Old mature trees are felled to make way for planting new trees, probably maturing in your grandchildren's lifetime. Acufa Sharp, based in the Mazury region, have access to prime, mature hard and softwood forests. We have our own sawmill and are therefore able to saw timber for best grain effect; and our own drying kiln. We are in control of our timber from beginning to end.

About Wood

One of timber's pleasing effects is grain and color. Some people prefer grain to be straight while others prefer a 'wild grain' effect. Wild grain, where lines swirl, is sawn from bent timber and can be unpredictable when drying. There also tends to be more natural defects in the wood. Acufa Sharp use lamination techniques on such timber to ensure the finished product remains stable under all conditions. 

Key Benefits    

  • Long experience of Timber

  • Large choice of types

  • Control of process from Sawing to final installation